We are often asked for a jewelry appraisal for an item or items of jewelry to give a quick look/see of value. Sometimes it is a request to see if jewelry is "real" by simply looking at whether an item has a stamp for type of metal or manufacture on a chain, ring, or watch. There are factors that indicate whether a gemstone is genuine and whether the weight makes it feel like gold while holding a ring. Yet these quick look and feel factors are not what qualifies as a jewelry appraisal.

A jewelry appraisal is a documentation in written form which describes each item of jewelry with measurable details. There are many components which include gemstone color, cut, carat weight, clarity and quality, metal stamping and weights. Great time, attention, and care is given to analyzing and measuring each item of jewelry, each individual gemstone or gemstones, the type of setting or mounting, and the metal or metals that contain the jewelry. This is done by a trained professional with a gem lab before giving an appraised value.


There are different types of jewelry appraisals, but the most often requested is for the purpose of having a value to insure your jewelry. An insurance appraisal should represent a realistic cost for replacement of your jewelry in the event of a loss or theft. Misrepresenting amounts by a valuing jewelry over what is considered a fair retail selling price is illegal and will be more costly to insure. Each insurance company has their own criteria for options on insuring your jewelry, and you need to ask questions to know exactly what your policy will cover. We can also offer you personal coverage through Perfect Circle Insurance that offers more options than traditional homeowner policies. 

Periodic updates for market increases and availability that affect prices are suggested or requested by insurance providers. Other types of appraisals vary, such as for jewelry that is for charitable donations or estate liquidations. With these types of appraisals, they would represent values based on the jewelry's current condition.

We will provide you with a free jewelry appraisal for Diamond and Gemstone jewelry that is purchased from our store. It is important to have your valuable jewelry both appraised and insurance for your protection.