PANDORA began in 1982 by a goldsmith and his wife in Denmark. They wanted the finest gold, silver, and gems and traveled to the artisans of Thailand and a partnership was formed. The legacy of hand craftsmanship has established PANDORA as a global brand of high quality jewelry ranging from beads and charms for the PANDORA bracelet concept to a universe of jewelry with rings, earrings, and necklaces. Every handcrafted piece of jewelry is touched by 30 to 50 craftsmen and fashioned with unsurpassed workmanship. Obsessed with the purity of materials, PANDORA now makes it's own sterling silver, uses only 14K and 18K solid gold, and chooses from more than 40 types of gems, including diamonds, which are hand-set into the jewelry. The result is meticulously crafted jewelry that is loved by women around the world that makes each of PANDORA's 3,000 designs worthy of a woman's unforgettable moments.

The extensive PANDORA charm collection opens up countless opportunities for collecting with over 600 charms. Design your own bracelet that expresses your own individual style and unforgettable moments in life. Each charm is hand-finished in sterling silver, 14K gold, two-tone sterling and gold, and rose plated with superior Danish design. The entire charm collection includes precious gemstones, enamel, Murano glass, and sparkling CZ pave charms in clear and vivid colors. New PANDORA selections are offered with the changing seasons keeping the charm collection fresh and alluring!