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Birthstone of the Month

If your birthday is in the last month of the calendar year, you can choose from three birthstones, Blue Zircon, Turquoise, or Tanzanite.

Zircon is a gemstone that is not as well known, yet it has a long and important history. Derived from the Arabic words "zar" and "gun," it is a fiery gem that can be rivaled only by a few for it's reflective qualities and outstanding brilliance. The colors of Zircon can range from blue, yellow, orange, brown, green, or colorless, to the most prized color of all which is red. The December birthstone displays the beauty of blue that can be from a light to deep intense turquoise blue, with the more intense color being the most valuable. It is a hard and durable gemstone, yet it needs to be protected from abrasion, scratching, and chipping against other jewelry. Zircon is believed to aid in getting sleep, bringing prosperity, and promoting honor and wisdom. The major sources of Zircon are Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. 

Turquoise is one of the oldest and best known of all the types of opaque gemstones, Turquoise is both beautiful and affordable, and is known for being a charm of good luck and safe keeping. The name means "Turkish stone" because of the trade route of the gemstone brought through Turkey. The most valued color is the "robins egg blue," which is pure and devoid of any matrix, and was worn by the Pharaohs and early Native Americans. It is a soft gemstone with texture, and often contains a matrix which gives it a lot of character.

In 2002, Tanzanite was added to the list of December birthstones, and was the first addition by the American Gemstone Trade Association since 1912. Tanzanite is an exotic blue brilliantly combined with a hint of purple. It is a gemstone that is often given the permanent heat treatment to enhance the color. Tanzanite is mined only in Tanzania.