Marriage Symbols

Welcome to the Three Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol, the important and meaningful gift celebrating love, marriage, and anniversaries. Just as there are recognized symbols for a man or woman, two interlocking circles are the universally accepted symbol for marriage representing two people becoming one. This is an achievement to be celebrated, and clearly states the commitment. This is a special way to acknowledge all that you mean to each other, but there is even more. The Three diamonds represent the time in your relationship. One diamond symbolizes your past and all that you have shared together. The second diamond represents the present and the happiness of today and now. The third diamond is for your future with all the plans and dreams yet to come.

The Christian Marriage Symbol is the cross with the Three Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol and is a beautiful tribute to your faith, marriage, and commitment. The symbol of marriage is the interlocking circles, the Three diamonds represent your past, present, and future, and the cross is the universally recognized symbol of Christianity.

The Three Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol is an expression of love and happiness and is available in a variety of prices, available in 14K white or yellow gold with an 18″ chain. ¬†Choose the Three Stone Diamonds, or the Three Stone Diamonds accentuated with surrounding diamonds on the interlocking circles either
channel set or prong set.

Show the world all your love and devotion to each other by proudly wearing the Three Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol or the Christian Marriage Symbol Cross.


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